April 2010

The No-Platform Book

by Adam on April 18, 2010

It was probably about a year ago, at Tools of Change 2009, where I first heard about the concept of platform agnostic books. While a very confusing term for something relatively simple (at least in theory), the idea of a book without specific media in mind should be top of mind for many publishers as […]


Ode to London Book Fair

by Adam on April 15, 2010

London Book Fair, how a volcano has smite thee (or more accurately, how volcanic ash has messed up everyone’s plans). While we have a tendency to forget how the natural world sometimes butts up against our everyday lives, it seems Mother Nature has reared her earthly head at just the wrong time. I can’t help […]


Rushing for the Agency Model

by Adam on April 1, 2010

Today marks the first day that the Agency Five will begin selling books through retailers via the agency model (or at least for most, that’s the case…some don’t make the switch until April 3). This represents a day of great change for publishers, but underneath what appears to be a huge win for ebook sales […]