November 2012

Meet Your New Grocer: Walmart

by Adam on November 30, 2012

When you think of large grocery stores, what comes to mind? Depending on where you live, perhaps it’s A&P (NY), Shaw’s (Boston) or Stop & Shop. If I asked which chain you thought would top the list as the largest grocer in the US, your answer would be…? Probably not Walmart. But indeed, the right […]


Novelty vs Need in Innovation

by Adam on November 22, 2012

With the advent of digital media and the changing nature by which businesses come to market, it’s been truly informative to see how entrepreneurs interpret and innovate on this change. There’s been an interesting trend that has started to arise within the entrepreneurial marketplace as access to money and technology has allowed for an unprecedented […]


Our Digital Legacy

by Adam on November 15, 2012

There’s a relatively timely scene in the popular IFC show Portlandia where one of the main characters ends up in an endless cycle of digital overload, jumping from texts on his mobile phone, to check-ins on Facebook, to streaming video on Netflix, and on and on it goes. While in the moment, we all can […]


The Social Media Disaster

by Adam on November 6, 2012

Many cities along the East Coast are still in the midst of digging out from Hurricane Sandy, and as such, it feels disingenuous to say that the storm has now passed us. The driving wind and rain are gone, but I don’t doubt that the physical and emotional effects of this event will be felt […]


Curation and the Content / Tech Gap

by Adam on November 2, 2012

Like most of my publishing industry blogger brethren (and really anyone who works in publishing these days), I spend a lot of my time at work reading articles and catching up on the latest news both in and around the publishing industry. More often than not, this reading informs the topics that are worth writing […]