November 2013

Startup Valuations

by Adam on November 22, 2013

In the lifecycle of a startup company, raising money and finding investment to fuel growth can be one of the biggest stumbling blocks of an entrepreneur’s career. With that, the issue of startup valuation goes hand-in-hand with questions about how much to raise, and from whom. Initial valuations of companies can have an effect on […]


The Brainstorming Roadblock

by Adam on November 14, 2013

I’ve recently been enamored of Medium, a new content initiative founded by Evan Williams of Twitter fame (among other things). I’ve started spending time each week perusing articles, oftentimes finding really well-written and thoughtful content that informs both my business and personal life. So, it was with a special feeling of affection (perhaps because it’s […]


Anatomy of a Successful Startup

by Adam on November 5, 2013

When on panels and at conferences related to investing and entrepreneurship, I’m often asked what it is that makes a startup jump-out to potential investors. In a sea of noise and flash-in-the-pans, what ideas have staying power that will attract investment dollars? It’s a tricky question, and one that isn’t entirely objective because every investor […]