The Brainstorming Roadblock

by Adam on November 14, 2013

I’ve recently been enamored of Medium, a new content initiative founded by Evan Williams of Twitter fame (among other things). I’ve started spending time each week perusing articles, oftentimes finding really well-written and thoughtful content that informs both my business and personal life. So, it was with a special feeling of affection (perhaps because it’s […]


X+1 and the Synergy of Digital Advertising

by Adam on February 7, 2013

I had the opportunity to attend the Reed & Desilva Dealmakers Summit today, held at the rather austere New World Stage in NYC. There were about 100 people in attendance, and the conference itself covered a variety of topics on the business development, acquisitions and investment spectrum. Overall, it was an interesting event, and one […]


The Folly of Direct to Consumer

by Adam on January 23, 2013

The title for this post is intentionally meant to raise eyebrows, cause people to grab their pitchforks, and raise them over their heads in not-so-subtle exasperation. But, it’s also meant to grab your attention and focus it on an issue that’s getting so much attention in the bookselling business and beyond: direct to consumer sales. […]


The Meaning of “Brand”

by Adam on January 19, 2013

When you think of the word “brand,” what comes to mind? Certainly, there are companies that are brands, authors that are brands, products that are branded a certain way and resonate with consumers. With so many different instances and ideas of what a “brand” can be, what does it really come down to? I was […]


ROI, or Return on Imagination

by Adam on October 28, 2012

Since the earliest days of social media, there’s been talk about what the ROI, or return on investment is for the digital participation of big brands. Major dollars are being spent in digital channels, whether on building websites, monitoring and developing Facebook accounts, or the hourly (and sometimes minute-by-minute) updating of Twitter. And the question […]


While not the first source to report on the newly discovered issue with Facebook promotional posts, Business Insider recently featured an article that definitively calls out the social network over their use of an intentionally flawed algorithm in how fan pages reach their audiences. The gist (in case you haven’t heard it) is that starting […]


Authors and Platform Building

by Adam on February 25, 2010

We’ve begun thinking in new ways at The Harvard Common Press, most especially about the way we work with authors. We’ve come to a juncture within the digital publishing world where we can no longer think about the old ways of doing business working as they used to. This especially applies to our acquisition of […]