LifeLock Acquires Lemon Mobile Wallet

by Adam on December 16, 2013

LifeLock announced a few days ago that they had completed the acquisition of Lemon, Inc, a mobile wallet innovation company, for just under $50MM in cash, and an amount of unvested equity that’s commiserate with deals of this type (whatever that means). You can read more about news of the acquisition here: While it […]


Losing Your Waze

by Adam on May 12, 2013

While this post coincides somewhat nicely with the rumors circling that Facebook may be in talks to acquire the popular social traffic mapping app, Waze, it’s both a coincidence and a departure from that aspect of the tech media reporting. My interest in the company is far more fundamental and wasn’t quite apparent to me […]


Yet Another Voice on the iPad

by Adam on March 9, 2010

There are many voices on both sides of the iPad debate, many reasons both to love the device and feel that it could’ve been so much more (and maybe it will be in future iterations). My interest and excitement over Apple’s newest creation of course centers around all that it means for publishers. Yes, it […]