Wait what? The intersection of media, tech, food and life? Can that many things even intersect in one place? Well, let’s find out.

I started this blog a billion years ago, or what felt like it, as a way to talk about how the world of media (specifically book publishing) was adapting to the digital (r)evolution. And, even though I spend most of my days (see below) immersed in those conversations, it didn’t really translate to blog form so easily. So I retooled, and decided to use this blog as a personal outpost. And I posted one blog post (two if you count the announcement post about reformatting).

So here we are.

And after a year and a half, I couldn’t let one of the first links that shows up when you google “Adam Salomone” be a defunct website with random musings from a guy who was 24 years old at the time. So I’m starting again, again. This time from a place of passion. Err, well, four passions specifically:

Media – in all its forms, print, digital, book, magazine, online and off. Media and content surround us wherever we are and we interact with it every day.

Tech – your phone, computer, eReader, tablet, or otherwise, again these surround us everywhere and in everything we do. Tech relates both to the standalone hardware as well as the software applications that are available to both developers and general consumers.

Food – because a person has to eat. And because he (meaning me) likes to eat too. And also because more and more, the media + tech + food intersection is highly salient in directing both consumer and professional focus.

Life – it would be nearly impossible to say that a dose of reality, or perhaps my reality, wouldn’t make it on here from time to time. This is more a disclaimer than anything else.

I’m currently the Associate Publisher of The Harvard Common Press, a Boston-based, independent publisher of primarily cookbooks, which begins to explain the tie-in to food. I’ve spent the last five years exploring the world of digital and how it relates to our current understanding of print media, especially in the food world. Along the way, I’ve learned quite a bit, spent time at a number of conferences and met so many people, from publishers to food bloggers to authors to media who have a variety of incredible perspectives on this new world.

I graduated from Emerson College with a Bachelor’s in Communication, concentrated in the Writing, Literature and Publishing program, along with dual minors in Management Communications and in Entrepreneurship.

I started tinkering with my first “computer” when I was five years old (it was actually just a word processor) – I then graduated to a full-fledged computer (Windows and all) at the age of 7 and had my first “social networking” experience in AOL chatrooms. Since then, I’ve taken a great interest in the power of the internet to unite, direct conversations and also share interests. We’re at a unique place that involves so many people and pieces of our daily life. Taken with the ability on the part of just about anyone to publish and reach audiences, it’s an amazing time to be considering these issues.

Please feel free to connect with me using the links in the sidebar or via the contact form. Looking forward to learning, thinking and discussing with the larger community.

*Note: While I’m the Associate Publisher at The Harvard Common Press, the views and opinions I express here are solely my own.