Control + Alt + Delete

by Adam on March 13, 2011

The best key combination in the world (or Command + Alt + Esc for us Mac users out there), this represents the restart. A chance to wipe the slate clean and give it another go when our computers crap themselves and we’re left cleaning up the mess.

And that’s what I’m doing here today. Because this blog crapped the bed…or perhaps more accurately, I realized this blog was going nowhere. This could’ve been my own inadequacy over thinking that with so many voices out there, why would mine be any different. Or maybe the fact that with so much damn stuff to do, it’s a time suck to then blog about all the things I’m going to do. So my own personally branded site has just been lying fallow for the past year or so (and maybe more now, gosh, how irresponsible…sorry to all you other Adam Salomones out there for potentially giving you a bad name in the world of digital).

So call this my own personal restart, my chance to give this another go. And unlike so many others that have apologized countless times to their blog readers (hi Mom!) about falling behind, I’m not going there. And I’m not going back to my old ways (I know, sounds familiar doesn’t it?), because as much as I like what I do with digital and social media, it’s too much to be surrounded by it constantly.

And thus begins the life of this blog as a personal outlet. For what you ask? I have no idea.

But I think it’ll be good (oh, I’m so conceited)…

So come along, and let’s see where this door leads us.

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