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by Adam on March 20, 2013

Earlier this month, Food + Tech Connect published their monthly report on M&A and funding activity in the food space. I’ve come to really appreciate and enjoy the perspective the website gives on all aspects of the food space, and there’s some great detail here about the types of companies getting funded. Unsurprisingly, we’re seeing a variety of innovation across various spectrums, with companies like Blue Apron receiving $3M for their dinner-kit delivery service, Kitchensurfing netting $1M to help socialize (not in that way) the dinner table, and Jawbone acquiring MassiveHealth (in what will probably become an ongoing theme this year around the food/health connection). There’s a lot of great information here, so I would encourage you to take a look if you are at all interested in the food space:

The report itself was put together by the incredibly talented Brita Rosenheim, of Rosenheim Associates, whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with in NYC recently. She has a great view on the marketplace for food investment and the tech overlay. Perhaps most exciting about her “state of the industry” report is the infographic at the top of the page, which lays out in pretty broad detail some of the various sectors for innovation within food.

The infographic is an incredible insight into the food space, covering 22 sectors of the food arena. It represents areas such as “Recipe and Cooking Communities,” “Grocery/CPG Coupon Distributors,” “Mobile/Online Ordering,” “Personalized Restaurant Discovery” and “Vertical Ad Networks.” I’m interested in what she’s put together not only as a food + tech entrepreneur and investor, but also because it just represents the diversity of innovation that’s going on within the food space right now. I can’t imagine a time prior to this when food innovation was such a topic of discussion and debate, or where so many thought-leaders were focused on the space. It’s an exciting time to be in food, and I’m looking forward to what the months ahead have to offer when it comes to entrepreneurial innovation.


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