Google at Your Door

by Adam on April 6, 2013

What the hell? Can someone please tell me why Google is getting into the local delivery business? Are pizza boys and post office workers a crowd that Google wants to associate with?

Thank goodness there’s the article, lest you all think I’m crazy. That’s right, the company known for its digitization of all the information you could ever dream is finally putting a (at your door) face to its name.

I can’t say that I know exactly what the motive is here, besides the fact that Amazon has owned a piece of this market for a very long time, and Walmart is trying to do the same. But why a company that has its backbone in the online world would suddenly decide to place a bet on the logistics of local delivery is just mystifying.

I believe I’ve commented on this before, but I find it incredibly frustrating that a company would waste innovation capital on problems that have (for the most part) been solved. Google getting into this business presents the same issue. And why a company that failed at online collaboration (Wave), failed at a Twitter-like integration (Buzz), and is now slowly/painfully making gains in the social sphere (+) would try to get into local delivery is completely unknown to me.

Stick to what you do and do it well. Don’t try to imitate. Innovate. And don’t follow along with what everyone else is doing. Google revolutionized the online advertising space because they were trying to be adventurous and different. They didn’t follow the pack and do what everyone else did. Google, if you want to be the leader, stop following. And stop trying to do what all the other companies have already done and done well.

The future of the Internet is not local delivery. If it were, UPS would be worth a lot more than it is today…

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