OpenTable Acquires QuickCue

by Adam on December 23, 2013

Continuing in our spate of 2013 foodtech acquisitions, OpenTable recently announced an $11.5MM acquisition of QuickCue, a restaurant provider of management services for dine-in guests.

I’m particularly interested in the news because OpenTable is establishing itself as one go-to acquirer of early-stage companies in the restaurant-tech space. It’s good news for any company trying to innovate new solutions in the restaurant services industry, both because OpenTable has proven that they are more interested in acquiring new technologies rather than building them in-house, and their pace of acquisitions is strong. The downside is that many of their recent acquisitions top out at less than $20MM, and for many of the companies involved, they are break-even propositions (and for investors, in some cases, not even that).

But, whereas a year ago startups may have been hesitant to venture into the restaurant-tech/reservation management space, it seems now that there’s opportunity to build light-weight solutions in this arena that both complement and compete with OpenTable on a number of levels. OpenTable has proven itself open to creating acquisition opportunities both as a way to remove competitors and increase their technology IP with new tech solutions. And, as it relates to the overall foodtech space, it’s heartening to see a larger corporate brand providing liquidity (even if it is on a small scale) to further encourage entrepreneurs and investors of the silver lining in M&A exits in the space.

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