The Brainstorming Roadblock

by Adam on November 14, 2013

I’ve recently been enamored of Medium, a new content initiative founded by Evan Williams of Twitter fame (among other things). I’ve started spending time each week perusing articles, oftentimes finding really well-written and thoughtful content that informs both my business and personal life.

So, it was with a special feeling of affection (perhaps because it’s a topic I can relate to) that I read the below article about how to make brainstorming happen. Having been a party to numerous brainstorming sessions over the past few years of my professional life, I’ve often come away feeling that they missed the mark, and didn’t have their intended effect, much to the detriment of whomever had organized the meeting.

Jason Keath’s great piece, entitled “Brainstorming, You’re Holding It Wrong” explores some of the reasons why that is that case. Chief among them is that the brunt of the work that happens when brainstorming should take place before the meeting, not during, allowing for participants to consider the business problem being solved over the course of days, not a few hours in a meeting, and potentially offering feedback and ideas before coming to the table. It’s a quick read, but one that I think will help no matter which side of the table you sit on in these sessions. And, if it happens that you find yourself being pulled into a brainstorming meeting, take a moment to reflect on Jason’s tips and see if there’s a way to turn a few hours of passing ideas around into something truly extraordinary:

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